THE ZODIAC: Myths and Legends of the Stars

YOUR STAR SIGN IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS! If people know anything about the stars it is their astronological star sign. Most people, upon reading this book, will be surprised to find that their star sign is not what they thought it was... Astronomy and star-lore form a cornerstone to the rise of civilisation. To our ancestors the night sky was a picture book of information. by reading the stars they could find their way and foretell mighty events such at the flooding of the Nile, the coming of the rains, and the migrations of animals. The heavens above have always been for people both a spiritual and a physical reality. Consequently ancient astronomy is interwoven with spiritualism and religious beliefs. Here too in the night sky can be found the stories of the gods, the origin of our spiritual beliefs and many of the traditions and myths we live by. Constellations of the Zodiac are among the most important 'signs' in the sky. The story of the Zodiac is the story of how human beings attempted to understand the complex universe around them and their place and significance within it. It is the story of how our ancestors tried to gain some measure of control over their own destiny both through science and mysticism.



by Richard Hall, Kay Leather, Geoff Dobson, and Robert Adam; Awa Press he complete guide to a unique New Zealand attraction - and the amazing prehistoric places which inspired its creation. Stonehenge Aotearoa is a brilliant open-sky observatory, especially designed for its location in the New Zealand country-side. A modern interpretation of England's famous Stonehenge and built to the same scale, it combines modern science with ancient knowledge. In this awe - inspiring place, people young and old can explore the mysteries of our universe, and learn how early cultures, including New Zealand Maori, used astronomy for life and survival. In this Guide: - The history of this extraordinary project - The meanings of the giant 'stones' - How to use the Henge for observing the Sun, Moon, Planets and stars - Maori star Lore and Pacific Navigation



Taatai Arorangi: Maori Astronomy by Kay Leather & Richard Hall; Viking Sevenseas Work of the Gods is the first in a series of books by Kay Leather and Richard Hall that explores Taatai Arorangi, Maori astronomy and star lore. Creation myths are the most ancient, perhaps dating to tens of thousands, rather than a few thousands of years. Encoded within these creation myths are knowledge and important information on the values and belief system of a people. In this book Maori legends from the Matorohanga manuscripts are explained in order to bring to light the fundamental basis and structure of Maori astronomy and cosmology. The work of Kay and Richard follows the insight of the nineteenth century elders in recording their knowledge in writing, by making that knowledge available in published form. Young and old people of today and tomorrow may look and learn to see the heavens from a Maori perspective. David Simmons, Ethnologist



There is no more beautiful or intriguing sight than the night sky. From the beginning of human existence people have wondered about the twinkling lights, and the strange objects that occasionally fall to Earth. Come along with astronomer extraordinaire Richard Hall on a tour of the heavens as seen from the Southern Hemisphere. In this hugely popular book, Hall weaves state-of-the art science with the stories and myths of people across the globe and through the centuries. From the iconic Southern Cross to the mysterious dark companion of the Dog Star, the night sky will never look the same again. "Will beguile experienced star-spotters and absolute beginners alike" New Scientist



An illustrated guide to Stonehenge Aotearoa, particularly suitable for high school students. Topics include: The original Stonehenge, ancient cultures and the night sky, the cycle of the Sun and Moon, the building and celestial alignments of Stonehenge Aotearoa, and Polynesian navigational stars.