Stargazing course

An introduction to stargazing. What is there to see in the night sky and how to see it.

Looking at the night sky can be more than just gazing in awe. You will learn when the best times for stargazing are, where to look, what to find. We will cover stargazing notions such as celestial coordinates, orientation, stars, magnitudes, constellations, ecliptic, and many other.

The Henge is the best stargazing tool as it is an open air observatory. We will visit the Henge and discuss it as part of the course.

We will also talk about how you can use your knowledge of the night sky to contribute to citizen science looking at light pollution, and other projects.


The course consists of 4 hours of theoretical knowledge followed by one stargazing session that can last up to 3 hours.


$100 for adults, $80 for seniors and $25 for students.

Clear skies and see you at our course.